A-Frame Asset-Lazy-Load Component

No Component - Using Jquery Timeouts and Onloads

Using jQuery to individually add images to the assets element, and upon load, update the ID on the relevant entity.

Cons: 1) Hides assets in javascript code 2) Requires loading individually 3) Can't reliably assign IDs to assets sharing that image

Using AssetLazyLoad - Timeouts

Using the Asset-Lazy-Load Component to handle delays.

Pros: 1) Keeps asset descriptions in a-frame code 2) Removes the need to repeatedly write code for loading to assets and assigning IDs upon load.

Cons: Misjudging delays when assigning IDs can cause streams of warnings and temporary mismatching of assets

Using AssetLazyLoad - Chunking

Ussing the Asset-Lazy-Load Component, via chunking. This is a hybrid of blocking/non-blocking loading of assets. For example, you may have a game with a cinematic opening. Rather than loading all image assets right at the start, you can prioritize assets for your cinematic opening in 'chunk: 0', and the rest of your game assets in 'chunk: 1'. This method requires that all assets in chunk 0 finish downloading before moving on.

Pros: 1) Keeps asset descriptions in a-frame code, 2) No need to juggle loading assets in javascript and assigning IDs appropriately 3) No need to guess with timeouts or delays

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